Buy-Sell Reviews

We can generally provide value to all business clients requesting a review.

Informal Business Valuations

Farms – Value is generally equal to the value of the livestock, equipment, land, etc., as calculated by the various market indexes. Valuations of farm-related commodities and land require specialized knowledge and data.

Nonprofit organizations – These organizations are generally not intended to be sold for a profit.

Publicly traded companies – Generally, the Fair Market Value will equal the stock price; no value is added by our providing an informal valuation.

Nonprofitable businesses – These are businesses with negative book value and net losses.

Sole proprietors – With sole proprietors, it is difficult to distinguish between company and personal assets. Sole proprietors don’t create separate balance sheets for their businesses.

Real estate holding companies – The value of this type of business is generally equal to the appraised values of the respective properties being held.

Financial services firms – Valuing these firms is challenging because compensation can vary widely among all parties. Additionally, clients may choose to change financial professionals as a personal decision.

New companies – It is difficult to trend data with new companies, as there is generally more expense in early years. The investment in the companies is a good place to start. In addition, these companies need to protect their key people and cover any outstanding business debt.

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